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Natural language documentation search

Find information in your documentation as seamlessly as discussing with a multilingual colleague who speaks any language.

AI-generated documentation

Our intelligent tool monitors users' frequently asked questions that remain unanswered in the documentation. It then generates relevant, ready-to-add content suggestions to ensure a comprehensive and user-centric knowledge base.


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“At Leemons, we're thrilled with EnhanceDocs' AI-powered search engine, significantly improving user experience in our documentation, and their excellent support integrating with our Github repository.”

Johan Sosa
Co-Founder and CTO at Leemons

“Really nice look and feel!”

Jeff Huber
Co-Founder and CEO at Chroma

“This looks crazy cool. I was just about to get started with Algolia on my project. I'm implementing this instead ✨”

Josh Claunch
Creator of Zedux

“In a few minutes our documentation came alive, with Search and Chat on the page and Bot on Discord! This will save us a lot of time! 🚀”

Lucas Boemeke
Founder and CEO at

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